Margin Notes :: 4x8 Clear Stamp Set
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Margin Notes :: 4x8 Clear Stamp Set

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Margin Notes is a 4" x 8" stamp set that includes 19 individual stamps.
For size reference, the "Where He Leads I Will Follow" stamp is approximately 1 1/2" x 2" and the date stamp is approximately 1 1/4" x 3/8".
Margin Notes is a clear stamp set that is perfect for Bible journaling with the included images sized to fit in the margins of the most popular journaling Bibles. The words/images included are: "Attention" in an arrow, "Take Note" in an arrow, "Message Received" with a paper airplane, "Jesus Knows Me This I Love" with a heart, "The Lord Is My Anchor" with an anchor, links of a chain, "Draw Near To God" with a pencil, "Written On My Heart" with a heart, "Holy, Holy, Holy" with stars, "The Lord Hears When I Call" with a telephone, "I Surrender All" in a flag banner, "Where He Leads I Will Follow", "Date" with a border and space to write the date, "Amen", "Yes, Lord.", an arrow, and hearts.

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