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Bible Art & Journaling

The idea for this page was sparked by a conversation a couple weeks ago - during a time when our church family gets together and shares some of the highs and lows of the week as well as where we saw God show up. There were a couple of people that night that talked about how they had experiences or come to a clearer understanding of God always being there for us, even when we might not see it. 
{Journaling says: "Even when we don't understand how...the Lord will provide."}
The story in Genesis 22 is one that talks about God's provision (and even ends up with a place named "The Lord Will Provide") - so that is where I went for my art. I did a little painting, stamping, and drawing/lettering. Nothing fancy, but I love that the focus stays on the ram - the visual representation of the Lord's provision.   
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Bible: Zondervan (NIV Holy Bible, Journal Edition); Stamps: Ink Blot Shop, LLC (Floral Frenzy, This & That);

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