Collection: Alignment Guides

Put design principles into practice! The Ink Blot Shop Alignment Guides are made from stencil material (semi-opaque mylar). They are cut to popular card making sizes with laser engraved details to help you get your stamps centered, lined up straight, and/or placed well for the "rule of thirds". All Alignment Guides work best in combination with some sort of stamp positioning tool.

Use the Alignment Guide tools to help you keep everything in line while creating eye-catching designs for your cards and projects. If you are looking for something to help you keep things centered, use the rule of thirds, or use other visual design principles to improve your card composition, these guides can be used to help you achieve those goals. The various arrangement details can give you an idea where to place a focal image or sentiment on a handmade card. 

Note: actual stencil material is not colored, but is semi-opaque white. Lines are laser-engraved (so they won't rub off!) and will be most visible when placed over a dark surface.