How do I use clear stamps?

It's easy!
Peel. Stick. Ink. Stamp.

Gently peel clear stamp from transparent backing sheet.
Stick clear stamp to clear (acrylic) block.
Ink up clear stamp.

Prefer a visual example? Watch this short instructional video.

How do I clean clear stamps?

You can wash clear stamps with:
- mild (alcohol-free) soap and water
- a stamp cleaner intended for use with clear stamps.

Clear stamps will stain with some inks. Staining does not harm the clear stamps.

How do I store clear stamps?

Once you have used and cleaned your clear stamps, simply let them dry completely and return them to the transparent backing sheet for storage.

Clear stamps should stay sticky and adhere well to clear stamp blocks for a long time. If, however, clear stamps should ever begin to lose their "cling", just wash and dry them and they should recover their tackiness.

It is recommended that clear stamps be stored away from direct sunlight for best results.

Where are your clear stamps made and what are they made of?

Ink Blot Shop LLC stamps are designed and manufactured here in the United States (USA). They are clear photopolymer stamps (and are latex free).


What is "Bible art & journaling"?

While many of us have been writing/taking notes (and even doodling) in our Bibles for years, the idea of "Bible journaling" is pretty new for most people. Bible art & journaling is a creative way to study and worship. Get out your pens, pencils, crayons, paint, ink, stamps, stickers, and more...and get into the Word. Wide margin journaling Bibles are perfect to use for this - featuring the Scripture text along with room to be creative.

Wow...sounds fun! Where can I find a wide margin journaling Bible?

If you are looking for more information about finding the perfect wide margin journaling Bible for you, be sure to check out the information found here.