About Stencils

How do I use stencils?

Stencils can be used over and over*!

For best results, use some form of removable or repositionable adhesive to hold the stencil in place during application. Be gentle so that the stencil does not tear or bend - each design is different and some are more delicate than others.

Note: Shifting of the stencil will affect the finished result.

*Specific stencil life is not guaranteed.

How do I clean and store stencils?

Clean your stencils immediately after each use with:
- warm soapy water (for water-based mediums)
- a non-acid cleaner (for oil-based mediums)

Be gentle when cleaning so that the stencil does not tear or bend. Once you have used and cleaned your stencil, simply let it dry completely and return it to the original packaging for storage. Always store stencils flat to prevent bending or creasing. Store away from heat and direct sunlight for best results.

Note: Stencils will stain with some mediums.

Where are your stencils made?

Ink Blot Shop LLC stencils are designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States (USA).