Cute & Functional Planning with Stamps

Hello! It's Jennie McGarvey and I'm so excited to be able to share with you how I stamp in my planner with you! I'm a long time paper crafter and planner - so I love to combine those two things as often as I can. I am hoping that I can illustrate to you today how easy it is to combine the function of a planner with the fun of stamping!
Because I've been planning a long time, I have a pretty good idea of what will be going on and how I can add it to my planner. Because of that, I start by adding decorative elements to my planner.
Now, you can see that I stamped the beautiful florals from the Botanical Borders stamp set along the center. I'm so obsessed with how perfect this was right here! I also used the single flowers for two different applications. First, I created the rainfall of single flowers from the top of the page. This was meant to add to the whimsy of the design. I also used the single flower stamp to create bullet points for my activities. This helps them stand out!
I'm NOT an expert when it comes to coloring with Copic markers. However, I do not let that bother me in any way. I use this as an opportunity to practice and have lots of fun with this medium I do not often use.
Across the top of the page I also stamped the months, leaving the tiniest bit of room for the numbers, using the Months & Days stamp set. It's as if these months were made for this space. I also especially love this for those weeks where you have more than one month in a week!
I find myself planning my meals each week. It helps me with the shopping, but also to keep track of what we're eating - making sure we're not getting bored with our meals! The Weekly Task Bar is genuinely my favorite stamp I've ever found for this. It's PERFECT!
I also find that I'm at the stage in life where I need to write everything down, including all those to-dos. I find that the Track It stamp set is perfect for these lists [and other things, as well!] since it has some handy dandy check list stamps.

I hope you found it helpful to see some ways that I typically set up my weekly, functional planner. I cannot wait to see how you're using Ink Blot Shop stamps in your planners and journals, so make sure you tag Ink Blot Shop (@inkblotshop and #inkblotshop) on social media!
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