Documenting Life Artfully

Today we are looking at all the different ways to celebrate and document the little things that make life special with our bullet journaling and planner related products. Are you a reader, not a planner? Keep track of those literary achievements with this adorable reading journal, made with the Date It and Journaling Spots sets, and titled with the Outline Alpha. We LOVE the little book covers!
Ink blending makes beautiful pages a snap! Use the Pattern Play stencil for subtle coordinated textures. The main pages are made with Planner Months & Days, Big Block Alphabet, and Date It.
Want a super quick custom planner? Faintly ink blend the days of the week from Planner Months & Days, and section off tasks and notes with Planner Words. The little calendar is from Date It.

Each page can make you smile if you add the adorable critters from Tweet Talk and a sentiment from Winging It. The rest of the page is made with Date It, Planner Months & Days, and Please Deliver To.

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