Fun & Functional Planning

Hello, there! Jennie McGarvey here to show you an example of how I plan functionally but make it fun. I know in the paper crafting community there is not a lot of love for decorative planning and I can understand that. But, I find that taking supplies that I own and love for cards and scrapbooking can be perfect in my planner and motivate me to get more done.
I love to use the Botanical Borders a lot. They are incredibly adorable. Better yet, they work wonderfully in my planner. [This planner is approximately 7x9]
I can add my stamped border and color it in with my colored pencils and have fun while doing it. Then, I can add in my plans with little to no other decor.
Using the little flowers that are included in the stamp set were absolutely perfect in decorating the white space after I was finished with the week. However, it's not a must. It's absolutely one if you love the added decor and fun to stamp + color. If you prefer the white space, you can absolutely do that, too.
I also wanted to add a little bit more simple decor, not floral. The Accents Stamp Set had the perfect little scallop stamp that worked wonderfully in between a few of my plans. I didn't use it to separate each one but only every now and again to make it more interesting. I love how it turned out.
If you haven't tried decorative planning with your stamps yet, why not try it with your favorite border stamps? They are absolutely perfect in a planner! Make sure you share with us on social media when you do.
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