Memory-A-Day Bullet Journal Spread

Hey there, friends! Jennie here again and I am sharing a new format with you. In 2022, I'm creating a memory-a-day bujo [short for bullet journal. though, my format is not the traditional bullet journal format.] in order to do some fun memory keeping AND getting really creative, I started this project.
As you can see - this is 100% created by me. No pre-made planner here. I started by penciling in the overall design for this page. After I had the format, I added the days of the week from the Months & Days stamp set to set up the daily structure. I also added the month [this was tricky since it's February!] with the Date It stamp set. This helps me with the dates since I didn't want to add the numbers to each of the days on this particular layout.
Now, we've got structure. It was time to get inky with the fun stuff - the decor. I started by adding the background rainbows/arches from the Accents stamp set. I used both a blush pink ink and a light blue ink. The top rainbow came next, with the red ink really standing out!
I loved the rainbows. I did! However, it just didn't feel full enough. I needed more decor, so I added a bit of scattered dots and scallops from the same Accents stamp set. I stuck to the same colors to keep in mind the overall color palette, which was dictated by the washi I added in the center of the layout.
After the week is through, I re-evaluate where we are at. This particular week - I had a big blank spot and I wanted it filled up. That is my second favorite part of this project. I can fill in what and where I need, both text and decorations. Now, I added a big box full of rainbows and I had a great time with it! This helps me feel really creative and I am here for it! The Ink Blot Shop stamps are perfect for this type of project. I have both Calendar Builder options and decorative options. Awesome!

Are you using your stamps in a calendar-focused way? Or are you sticking to other fun projects? Share them with us on social media (use #inkblotshop) - we love seeing all the creative ways you use the stamp sets!


{Be sure to watch Jennie's process video for this spread - you can find the video here.}

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