Scene Building With Borders

Did you know border stamps (& stencils) are GREAT scene building tools? Let's take a look!

Dania really wowed us with this gorgeous scenic card using Botanical Borders in a totally new way as sort of a hedge row on the front of the card, with the beautiful woman from Hello Lovely standing behind it. The blue in her dress pops out against the colors in the border. The sentiment is from You Matter, and the card base is stamped with the Slim Stripes Background.
It doesn't get any more creative than this delicious use of the Drips and Splats Stencil to create frosting complete with sprinkles! She combined Koala Hugs with Peas on Earth to create birthday koalas atop the cake. The sentiment is from Simple Sayings and the little hearts are from Playful Pups.
Party Borders creates a festive room look on this sweet card, with the little girl from Little Something appearing to welcome her guests.

The way Dania coordinated the color across the Botanical Borders and Hello Lovely images creates a beautiful, springy scene. The images from Hello Lovely are easy to mask shapes, so she made a very 3D scene for the girls, and finished it with the Slim Stripes Background to anchor the border.

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