You're Amazing Inked Stencil Strips Card (& A Bonus Card!)

This one goes to ELEVEN! Anyone out there a Spinal Tap fan? Well, leave it say, sometimes you got to turn it ALL the way up. All the way up to ELEVEN! I had a little bit of rainbow inking fun putting this one together and found a super fun new way to use the Pixel Grid stencil!
To create this card, I first used the stencil to create a rainbow stripe background. I then cut the inked grid into strips with a paper cutter making them individual strips of colorful goodness! I then arranged the strips, trimming where needed, on a small panel to create the look of a volume meter, only... with RAINBOW!!! I love how it turned out.
I then stamped the To Eleven along the side and colored it orange to continue with the bright, colorful nature of the card. Finally, I stamped 'You're Amazing' above the sound bars. This would be a fantastic graduation card or a card for someone who loves music!

I have a BONUS card for you today! After creating the card above, I had some scraps of those grid strips and I just had to use them! I put together this cute little card using Winging it and Get Grounded along with some accent strips!
I love that a few little scraps inspired a super cute bonus card! Let your leftovers inspire you!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

- Jennifer Ingle
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