Planning with Stamps & Stencils

Hello! It's Jennie McGarvey and I'm looking forward to talking planners with you today!  I'm specifically sharing with you how I use my daily planner and incorporate Ink Blot Shop stamps + stencils to the pages.
As we get started, I'd like you to take a look at the page.  I'm using my daily planner for pure function.  But that doesn't mean I cannot have fun with the pages, as well.  I can a few fun, strategically placed images to make my days cute.  I find that when my pages look good, I refer to my planner more often.  When I look at my planner more often, I'm mostly more productive, as well!
Stencils + ink are a fantastic way to decorate quickly.  It's so easy to use them, plus, there's no bulk whatsoever.  As we all know, you can also use those stencils so many times without ever running out. I love the Clouds & Waves stencil - it's very whimsical and I love that style in my planner. It paired really well with the Date It and Months & Days stamp sets that provide a lot of the function for this page.
I combine both personal and work to-dos on each page.  The Outline Alpha stamp set makes it so easy to create any heading I could dream up.  Often, I line up the letters in a straight configuration.  When I am looking for the layout to be more playful, I'll overlap the individual letters as I did here.
If you're looking for an easy way to get in a little creativity - try inking up the pages of even your most functional planners.  Make sure you share the planners with us so we can see your great ideas and try them for ourselves.
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