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Billy Silly Goats :: 6x8 Clear Stamp Set

Billy Silly Goats :: 6x8 Clear Stamp Set

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Billy Silly Goats
 is a 6" x 8" stamp set that includes 31 individual stamps.

For size reference, the goat with curled horns is approximately 2 1/2" x 2 3/8" and the picket fence is approximately 1 5/8" x 1 1/8".

Billy Silly Goats includes a variety of goat images as well as other scene building images and coordinating punny sentiments. The images/phrases included are: goat with curled horns, "Way To Goat!", "I Just Hoof To Tell You...", goat with can on its horn, "I Can't Even.", goat with bucket of grain, "#bucketlist", goat eating flowers, "Let's Do Lunch.", "I Got Chew, Babe.", small goat with flower, "You Are Billy Special.", baby goat with horn buds, "Here's Looking At You, Kid!", "I Billy Love You.", "I Billy Miss You.", hay bale, "Hay There!", flowers, grain/weeds, bucket with handle, old tin can, picket fence, goat tracks, and hearts.
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