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Outline Greetings :: 6x8 Clear Stamp Set

Outline Greetings :: 6x8 Clear Stamp Set

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Outline Greetings is a 6" x 8" alphabet stamp set that includes 23 individual stamps.

For size reference, the largest CONGRATS is over 5" long, the mid-size CONGRATS is approximately 3 3/4" long, and the smallest CONGRATS is approximately 2 1/3" long. Oh, Joy! is approximately 1 1/2" wide x 1" tall.

Outline Greetings includes the following words, phrases, and images: HELLO (x3), CONGRATS (x3), THANKS (x3), LOVE YOU, OH, YAY!, OH, JOY!,  YOU, MISS YOU, THANK YOU (x2), hearts, dots, and interlocked bubbles.

For those who use a planner and/or bullet journal: the large bubble image has 30 interlocked can use it for a unique 30 day tracker (April, June, September, and November have 30 days) - but it can also be used on cards, scrapbook pages, or in mixed media.

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